"Finanzminister Lindner kündigt Widerstand gegen EU-Verbrennerverbot an

Deutschland werde dem geplanten Aus für Verbrennungsmotoren ab 2035 auf EU-Ebene nicht zustimmen, sagt Bundesfinanzminister Christian Lindner. Die Grünen sehen das anders."



Booked all train tickets for the #neoscms marketing spring in Karlsruhe. Looking forward to meet all the folks from the team, and thanks to @Sebobo for the invitation 💙

Fynn Kliemann macht mit NFTs mehr als 200.000€ und ignoriert dabei seine eigenen Auktionsregeln.

"Weil Kliemann Höchstgebote annahm, die nach der zuvor angekündigten Frist eingegangen waren, steigerte er den Umsatz um rund 68.000 Euro."


"[…]schlug er Kliemann per E-Mail vor, dieser solle die durch die Fehler entstandenen Mehreinnahmen wieder abgeben, sie zum Beispiel an eine gemeinnützige Organisation spenden. Aber darauf antwortete der Unternehmer nicht mehr."

@glsbank Eine Frage zum Gemeinschaftskonto: Wenn es unser einziges Konto ist, benötigt ja nur eine Person eine Mitgliedschaft. Wir möchten auch Anteile zeichnen, aber nur für ein Mitglied. Ist es richtig, dass die zweite Person dann *nicht* die Vorteile eines Mitglieds hat (z.B. kostenlose Kreditkarte) sondern nur, wenn sie ebenfalls Mitglied wird? Bekommen also nur beide Kontoinhaber kostenlos Karten, wenn beide Mitglied sind?

🇺🇦 Ukraine has clearly shown commitment to live up to European values and standards.

Following our assessment, we recommend to the @EUCouncil@twitter.com that Ukraine should be given the perspective to become a member of the European Union.

Varying execution time can leak secrets from cryptographic algorithms. "Constant Time Code" is one known mitigation. However, modern processors adjust CPU frequency depending on what they process, which can be measured even remotely. hertzbleed.com/

@glsbank Gibt es aktuell Probleme mit der Zustellung von TANs per SMS? Ich erhalte hier gerade Nachrichten von Transaktionen, die ich vor über einer Stunde gestartet habe. 🤔

This is the opening slide of my #mm22uk talk. 

If you want to learn how to improve your #Magento code to make it more resilient, you have to attend the talk. We'll have a lot of fun, I promise.

(Yes, this IS valid #PHP code!)

Did you know that the Schengen agreement was signed on a boat between the German, French and Luxembourg borders on this day in 1985?

The agreement would gradually abolish checks at the borders between them: the Schengen Area was born.


@shochdoerfer Yes, it's hard! What helps at least is making sure that structure and behavior changes end up in separate commits. Sometimes I soft-reset my local commit or do an interactive rebase in order to clean up the mess.

Google and World Resources Institute launched Dynamic World, a web app providing near real-time land cover data at a ten-meter resolution. Can be useful for scientific and political purposes and is interesting to explore. Doesn't quite work on mobile though.

For a few weeks I'm busy adjusting a big code base to 8.1 and a new major version of an important package. It feels good to freshen up old code (and use promoted properties, for example).

It takes all my mental strength to keep my fingers off the architecture or improve the behavior along the way. But I know it would lead only to big trouble: with all the I did in the past, I learned to follow the rules – don't change internal structure and external behavior at the same time!

Thanks to the amazing work of Fabian and the team at Sandstorm, all videos from this year's are now available as individual videos, collecting in a convenient playlist.

Enjoy the more than 1.700 minutes of video! And I'm sure, speakers would love to hear from you what you think about their talk or if it helped you in a particular project.

Here's the full playlist on Youtube:

Fun fact: I use the same email notification sound since around 2004. It's a sound which came with KDE's KMail. And even though I switched to Mac 15 years ago, I still carry that sound around with me.

When you setup an old #neoscms 7.0 for testing purpose, you will definitely miss the CLI setup commands. Thanks Martin, for that feature :)

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