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Every forthcoming article about Jonny Ive’s design genius and legacy should be required by law to include this photo

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The 2019 Gold Award went to @flownative@twitter.com for Flownative Beach. Congratulations! Read all about the Award on our blog buff.ly/2W6KOXI ~lg

Schwelgen in alten Erinnerungen – ich habe in den 90er regelmäßig den CF gekauft (und dort annonciert). Noch jemand? de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comput

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John Kerry: What would we do if there was a war on our doorsteps? Would we not mobilize all resources we have to prevent it unfolding? Well let‘s get going and we can make climate protection happen! Do not let anybody tell you it impossible. It is possible -if we really want it.

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Oh my … @robertlemke@twitter.com, @muhdiekuh@twitter.com, @codepoet@twitter.com, @larryandanke@twitter.com , @TheLarkInn@twitter.com at @phpconference@twitter.com in .

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At @robertlemke@twitter.com shows how to end the for Development Drama - in a happy way

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I’m hoping Donald Trump doesn’t see this before his visit. Still, I know you guys won’t retweet it and I’m pretty sure he isn’t even on Twitter.

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I’ve never seen something more human from a robot than this.

How was the Neos Conference 2019? Karsten created a great overview with some more background on why this edition was more special than last year's. And if you missed the talks, there's a list of videos and slides for you as well. flwn.tv/2Jzslwh

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Introducing Playdate, a new handheld gaming system from Panic.

It fits in your pocket. It's got a black and white screen. It includes a season of brand-new games from amazing creators. Oh and… there's a crank???? play.date/

Yes. A thread…

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I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered himself up. The police forced him to show his face (& then fined him for disorderly conduct). This is dangerous & terrifying.

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A passionate and open-minded kick off to the session in Oslo by @robertlemke@twitter.com

Insights to the project and innovation in the space during the past decade

Event Sourced Architecture was mentioned

Thanks @EnonicHQ@twitter.com for hosting us!

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Chinese phone cradle for boosting your phone's daily step count. Some insurance companies in China allow people who consistently reach a certain daily step count to get discounted health insurance premiums.

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It took a few days to grasp this – Flownative received the golden Neos Award 2019 for Flownative Beach. Here's why we were so surprised: flwn.tv/2WPrYRa

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A huge thank you to our Organizer @sandstormmedia@twitter.com who put so much time, work and passion into this year's conference again. ~lg

Now I'm on my way back home, after an intensive week of , literally all around the clock. It was so intense, emotionally – and in a good way. @sandstormmedia@twitter.com & @sitegeist_de@twitter.com did an awesome job, organizing . And so many things happened … I'll write up sth - later.

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Without the sponsors would not be possible: Thank you @flownative@twitter.com for joining us again with a Gold Sponsorship! ~lg

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