Varying execution time can leak secrets from cryptographic algorithms. "Constant Time Code" is one known mitigation. However, modern processors adjust CPU frequency depending on what they process, which can be measured even remotely.

Google and World Resources Institute launched Dynamic World, a web app providing near real-time land cover data at a ten-meter resolution. Can be useful for scientific and political purposes and is interesting to explore. Doesn't quite work on mobile though.

Thanks to the amazing work of Fabian and the team at Sandstorm, all videos from this year's are now available as individual videos, collecting in a convenient playlist.

Enjoy the more than 1.700 minutes of video! And I'm sure, speakers would love to hear from you what you think about their talk or if it helped you in a particular project.

Here's the full playlist on Youtube:

Fun fact: I use the same email notification sound since around 2004. It's a sound which came with KDE's KMail. And even though I switched to Mac 15 years ago, I still carry that sound around with me.

These days I'm mostly reading eBooks or articles online. But I do keep a few of my all-time favorites - do you recognize some of them?

"Speaking in Dallas this afternoon, former President George. W Bush made a significant verbal slip-up while discussing the war in Ukraine.

He tried referencing what he described as the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” — but said Iraq, instead of Ukraine."

(source: /

blocked a DDoS attack which ran with 15,3 million requests per second. The attack only lasted for 15 seconds – maybe it was a test for something?

Traveling home today, after an amazing Neos Conference and a nice Neos sprint afterwards. I had many pleasant, helpful and inspiring conversations. Thanks again for everbody taking their time to make this happen. See you soon!

So far, we spent the morning with discussing how the Neos UI will communicate with the server-side in order to retrieve and update data for the document tree, inspector and other parts. Lots of things to consider, asynchronous operations, updates, data amounts, extensibility, performance ...

Kicking of the Neos sprint in Dresden. Besides the major topic of Neos 9, many other initiatives are going to happen.

Great food and coffee and a cosy place here at the Palais Café in Dresden for a bit of chatting and lazy Sunday hacking with @karsten and Bastian. The week of the Neos sprint starts tomorrow, looking forward to it!

Rays of light making their way into our conference hall. I guess that's a good sign!

Today is the day! After two years of pandemic, we finally can meet again for an exciting Neos Conference in Dresden!

Arrived! Great to see some Neos friends already and ... there will be great coffee! 😋

Memories coming back ... producing slides in a train. Wouldn't have thought that I missed that! That and the poor instant coffee ... 🚞

Unreal! Traveling to a real conference - OUR conference - for the first time in years. Excited!

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