For a few weeks I'm busy adjusting a big code base to 8.1 and a new major version of an important package. It feels good to freshen up old code (and use promoted properties, for example).

It takes all my mental strength to keep my fingers off the architecture or improve the behavior along the way. But I know it would lead only to big trouble: with all the I did in the past, I learned to follow the rules – don't change internal structure and external behavior at the same time!

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@robert I really suck at this. When I browse through the code and I see things to improve, I do it even if I should not (as-in should do later or in a separate PR).

@shochdoerfer Yes, it's hard! What helps at least is making sure that structure and behavior changes end up in separate commits. Sometimes I soft-reset my local commit or do an interactive rebase in order to clean up the mess.

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